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Data, Security, and the Web

Seth is a 27 year old software developer based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is passionate about the open web and the opportunities it brings to communication and businesses around the world. Using big data processing, combined with smart analytics, and responsive user interfaces, Seth creates real-time applications that solve problems for modern day business needs. Seth holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree from The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, College of Science and Engineering.

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Experience in connecting users with content they need. Seth has created web APIs, for consumption by other systems and mobile devices. An API centric model is essential for a growing flexible business. Those APIs power user interfaces Seth has created. These complex web apps, using the latest front end technologies, make for fast and responsive user experiences.

Big Data

With a background in traditional relational databases and experience in the more loose No-SQL data stores, Seth has worked with a broad range of storage systems for a wide range data set requirements. Architecting large scale systems to process thousands of requests per minute is a passion of Seth's.


Everyone has the right to share content securely and anonymously. Systems Seth helps create are secure using the latest proven web and cryptographic technologies to keep company and user data safe. Sharing data, to only the desired recipient is key.

Work Experience

Professional employment

  1. AerisWeather

    Senior Software Developer


    At AerisWeather, Seth has created a variety of API backed web applications. He has had the opportunity to lead projects through the whole life cycle from conception, through planning, design, as well as full backend and frontend execution. APIs have been key AerisWeather's success as a flexible small company and designing them has been very exciting. AerisWeather works with a variety of data sources and technologies to fulfill their clients needs, also allowing Seth to learn a diverse skill set.

    Here are more technical details:
    • System administration LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
    • Transition to Node.js and asynchronous and event based programming
    • Enterprise grade applications built on Zend Framework with Simfony components
    • MongoDB as a large scale data store, thousands of writes per second.
    • Primary cloud developer/DevOps - Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Docker container deployment and administration with Kubernetes and Docker-Compose
    • We utilize a variety of AWS resources, EC2, ElasticBeanstalk, SQS, SNS, etc.
    • Multiple data sources and parsers, from raw binary TCP sockets to other web APIs, JSON, and SOAP
    • API Design - According to best practice full REST APIs
    • JSON is used as the main transport data format
    • API creation for mobile applications
    • OAuth2 protected APIs, full stack security implementation
    • Graphic design experience in Adobe Photoshop
      • User interface wireframing
      • User interface mockups
      • Full production graphics and assets
  2. The University of Minnesota

    Undergraduate Web/Database Developer


    With the opportunity to try many aspects of IT, including network administration, server administration, software development and help desk, I found I enjoyed software development the best. We created many internal apps for faculty and staff and helped deploy a host of new services.

    Here are more technical details:
    • Intro to full stack management for LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
    • Many internal web applications for staff and faculty
    • Excellent introduction to Server Administration, Networking, and Development
    • Mostly PHP and Javascript, Object Oriented programming
    • Introduction to networking and Cisco IOS
    • First experience administrating Linux systems in a production environment
    • Data center wiring
    • Help desk support, a lot of interaction with faculty, staff, and grad students
    • Graphic design in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
      • Application assets
      • Cover for an international magazine


Open-Source development


Other values and goals.